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Heli-assisted snowshoe hikes in the mountain ranges around Lake Tekapo
Explore new terrain
Let our experienced guides take you on a great adventure!
Heli-assisted snowshoe hikes in the mountain ranges around Lake Tekapo
Great terrain and views
Enjoy the views over the Southern Alps and Lake Tekapo
Heli-assisted snowshoe hikes in the mountain ranges around Lake Tekapo
Challenge yourself to a new adventure
A fun day out in the snow for all ages
Heli-assisted snowshoe hikes near Lake Tekapo
Snowshoe & avalanche safety equipment provided
A great option to try sbowshoeing, without a big commitment

Heli-assisted snowshoe hikes

Lodge based day tours on the peaks and ranges around Lake Tekapo

NEW THIS SEASON! Heli-snowshoe hikes for those wanting to be based out of Lake Tekapo, but still get into the mountains for a fun winter adventure.

You may be holidaying with family in Tekapo or haven’t got the time for the walk into our huts. Or maybe you simply prefer staying in a comfortable holiday home or hotel rather than a backcountry hut. Here is the snowshoeing trip for you!

The mountain ranges surrounding Lake Tekapo offer grand views across the Mackenzie Basin and of the major peaks of the Main Divide, including Aoraki Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. By using a combination of 4WD and helicopter access, this trip will take you further into the alpine zone into the "wild heart" of these ranges, normally only visited by hunters.

Our trips can cater to first-time snowshoers as well as to experienced groups. It is a popluar option for families.



Our Heli-assisted Snowshoe Hikes are available as 2 day or 4 day options based from our own Edelweiss Lodge in Lake Tekapo Township. Each day we either take you to a skifield via 4WD or we use a helicopter to get dropped in a remote and normally inaccessible location to start our snowshoe exploration. You'll explore the mountain ranges east and west of Lake Tekapo during the day, returning to the comforts of Lake Tekapo every evening.

Here is the recipe for a great backcountry holiday - relax with a soak in the hot pools or enjoy a stargazing tour after an exhilarating snowshoe trek in untouched snow! We recommend 2 days for a weekend away for "sampling" snowshoeing, and 4 days for those looking for a refreshing break combining the comfort of the township and its attractions with active visits in the surrounding alpine environment.

Value & flexibilty

All trips are planned with your arrival in the evening before the first day in the snow, so no time is lost in the morning for checking gear, getting organised or waiting for participants to arrive - we like you to get maximum value and enjoy full days out in the mountains! Trips are designed to be flexible with our changeable New Zealand weather in mind. The base trip cost is paid upfront, with helicopter flights paid extra, based on if and how much you fly (flights can be affected by weather or the group may choose to add on extra days). We also want you to offer you the most competitive flight price, as numbers and total passenger weight influences the costs. Talk to our office staff to get all the information you need on the flight cost.



You can get into the mountains without having to bring a lot of gear. The snowshoes and ski poles are provided, along with any other gear you may need to borrow, including boots. Outdoor clothing and packs can also be provided at no extra cost if necessary.

All of your equipment will be checked during the gear check at our office at the start of your trip. Any equipment you need to borrow from us will be issued by your guide.

Heli-assisted Snowshoe Hikes Clothing & Equipment list